Specializing in turnkey solutions

Non-destructive testing solutions – automated testing, all from a single source.

In addition to individual measuring and testing systems, FOERSTER provides complete multi-test lines tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of specialists, representing diverse fields of expertise, will come to your site to get a direct impression of the task at hand. Working closely with you, they’ll sketch out the ideal test line for your task. Besides the popular FOERSTER testing systems, complementary technologies from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the line if needed.

Next, our internal construction department produces CAD drawings to visualize the plans developed for your new test line. Our experienced specialists also design and program the software and ports required for automating the test line. The FOERSTER Instrumentation Software makes central adjustment of the various testing systems possible, including those from third-party manufacturers, and it provides for a common display and documentation of the test results.

Then, we construct the multi-test line and ship the system – ready for immediate use. To ensure that you get the full benefit from your test system starting from day one, we provide training for your employees either directly on site or at our premises. Thanks to our global network of highly qualified service engineers, help is always at hand, even after your system is commissioned. Regular inspections and maintenance are just as much a part of the service as the 24/7 hotline and technical support. Throughout, FOERSTER remains your one contact over the entire service life of your system – and we’ll always be there for all your questions and comments.

10 compelling reasons to choose FOERSTER

When investing in a test line, you have to consider a wide range of factors. That’s when it really pays to have a knowledgeable partner on your side – FOERSTER. Because you can trust us and our many years of experience.

We adapt the testing system / test line to your requirements and existing production environment. The concept is tailored to your situation and takes into account the test speed, the type of testing section and the accuracy required.

We develop, design and produce our instruments and systems in Reutlingen, Germany. It is of the utmost importance to us that the test system you receive is state-of-the-art and of the highest quality. Our extreme production depth enables us to respond specifically to your wishes and requirements and to manufacture a customized system.

For your test system, we rely exclusively on components from renowned premium manufacturers. This is how we ensure that spare parts are always quickly available when service is required.

We have over 20 years of experience working with various external interfaces, so level 1/2/3 connections and interfaces to external instruments are no problem for us. We also know our way around all the internal interfaces, which are optimized and correctly implemented before the equipment leaves our facility.

In the TECHNIKUM, working together is priority number one. Before the test system gets shipped, every system or test line is assembled, inspected and put into operation. This saves you valuable time during commissioning, and you can rest assured that everything will work.

Plus, this is where employees from production, development and product management gather together to develop and test new products, to get them ready for series production.

We know what kind of harsh conditions can be found in a steel mill, and we’ve designed our test sections and equipment accordingly. Our rugged test lines are known for their long service life. And with regular updates and upgrades, you can keep your test line current for years to come.

All our installed components speak the same “FOERSTER language.” This greatly reduces the handshaking required between the test instruments, the test line and the individual software. Which in turn means that technical fixes can be implemented efficiently and effectively.

We always keep the user experience in mind to ensure that your test line can be run as smoothly as possible. For this reason, the operation and user guidance functions of the complete system (test line, test instruments and instrumentation software) are all coordinated with one another

If you ever need repair or service, your single point of contact for the entire test line is FOERSTER. Since everything comes from the same source, you don’t have to worry about which supplier to contact first. This can save you a lot of time and headaches! Behind the scenes, we work together across departments to streamline the process of finding a solution for you as quickly as possible.

Subsequent updates and adaptations are no problem, because all the instruments of the test line are optimally tuned to each other. In addition, we’re constantly developing our products and components, so you can always test using the latest technology.

Instrumentation Software

FOERSTER software for your entire test line

Complex test lines are made up of a lot of different test instruments, each of which uses a different non-destructive method to find distinct types of defects in the respective material. Usually, this also means several software interfaces. With FOERSTER’s Instrumentation Software, you can operate the instruments from a single user interface and adjust the settings centrally. So all the instruments in your test line speak the same language.


  • Central management of jobs and settings across the entire test line
  • Integration of third-party instruments from other manufacturers
  • Collection of test results for combinatorial statistics
  • Common test protocol for all instruments
  • Integration into superordinate systems (level 2/3)

Want to learn more about our Instrumentation Software? Simply contact our sales department via

Application example

Multi-test line for tube testing on a large scale

In 2015, FOERSTER designed and produced the largest, heaviest and most complex test section in the company’s history. Developed for testing tubes at a steel mill in the USA, the whole test block weighed some 32 tons – roughly the same as five adult African elephants! Just to be able to move this, FOERSTER had to invest in a new crane system.

The system tests hot-rolled, seamless tubes using non-destructive testing methods including leakage flux, eddy current and ultrasound for detecting different types of defects. The highly precise central testing section contains all the mechanical equipment, complete with drive rolls and tables, as well as extensive testing technology. The test systems DEFECTOMAT, ROTOMAT/TRANSOMAT, MAGNATEST and CIRCOSON WT were all integrated in the system. Furthermore, the FOERSTER Instrumentation Software links all the test equipment together in a single user interface. The data generated can then be transmitted directly via a network connection.

The tubes – which can be used for energy production, including oil and gas, as well as in the chemical and petrochemicals industry – require flawless material properties. This customized solution from FOERSTER created a multifunctional test section to ensure that the geometric properties of the tubes, such as wall thickness and outer diameter, meet the specifications exactly and that any surface defects are reliably detected.

Finding the right solution for every testing task is both a challenge and a motivator for our employees. At FOERSTER, our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction.







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